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How good spring wedding photos

Spring wedding photos good? how to shoot the wedding in Chengdu in the spring? Spring flowers in full bloom, fallen flowers, will give your wedding to add a beautiful sight lines. Wenling in the spring, and the wind caresses, willow, give the feeling of a lush and vivid. But when new people on location wedding, meet some problems of one kind or another.

     here are a small numbered 591 marriage couples wedding in the spring should pay attention to the details:

1. get ready: ask photographers, stylists need to take things.

2. outdoor shoot location: confirmation process and how many locations, determine in advance to dress with.

  appointment to try on dresses, wedding time, determine the harmony of nature.

3. depends on your own body to dress with the bride:

high and slender: fit multilevel and ruffled long sleeve wedding dresses. Selected highlights designed wedding dress of his shoulders. You can try on wedding dresses over lace design of the chest, or the use of accessories to hide protruding clavicle.

small: medium, high waist, yarn design wedding dresses, can modify the body's proportions. Waist line v-line low-waist design, increase the sense of long.

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