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Beijing perfect wedding dress styles summary

Engaged to a new year in Beijing before going to their wedding photos, how to select a wedding dress styles? 591 marriage net total for you tips on buying wedding dress styles:

1, try it good. Not wrong, for rent or to buy spot's sister, must try, just wearing it feels OK, style, style is OK.

2, the focus should be on top of wedding dress fabric. Material cost is more important. The sisters decided to make, first must look at the case study of Chengdu wedding style, because they can have references. Then carefully choose fabric according to your style needs. No need to pick the best.

3, prior try basic models in determining the styles that suit them best, and then filter further additions. Jialei silk flowers is a design problem, and the style has nothing to do. (Including: tube top, Sling, bag sleeves, Princess sleeves, small-a skirt, a dress, princess dress (spherical), large tail, small tail, and so on. ) Further additions. Jialei silk flowers is a design problem, and the style has nothing to do.

4, no bone on bone skirt and bustle views

bone and bones, both types of Pannier will target different style skirt.

thick satin Court train, clutch skirt (like I posted above, the kind of clutch), the trailing skirts, covered with layers of ruffled skirt, all need bone skirt. The only way to achieve the desired effects. I've Valerie dill sees a bone skirt, tail brace a set of full maturity. Effect of the Crystal above reflect very well. If using boneless panniers, I will not have this effect.

Select the essentials are with bony panniers, thick,  the best wedding dress is a good thick satin, at least kind of skinny. And dress is a big drag.

good bone skirt: skeleton and elastic, not deformation, skeleton support within and outside several layers of yarn, to hide the skeleton. Most exquisite yarns out there is hang a cloth. Valerie dill I see is this. If you have a soft satin itself, so best not to select the bone, it's going to feel like cake.

boneless Pannier advantages we all know. Only drawback is too soft, it's hard to hold is full of big, at best hold up. I saw the best boneless 16 layers of yarn, but in large skirts a bit inadequate.

small swing skirt with a bone-free is better. But soft fabric must be boneless.

finally would like to remind you of is that setting skirt length is also important. Bone skeleton in the last lap is very near to the best places, otherwise, skirt is not a type of O-type. No longer bone to 3cm place.


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