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The wedding makeup for your face shape

1.3 billion people, with different faces, everyone is unique in the world, nobody can replace who, representatives of a person's facial features not just one! An identity, but also represents a living target, to live out the values, one that makes your face we need to make the appropriate modifications, it is our pursuit of another life. In the decoration of the wedding day face is vital!

     General said the face decoration, is to face correction as standard "egg face". However, because everyone's face is different, so the modifications focus on is not the same. According to the following 6 types of face shape, which one see you married for?

first, standard face: cheekbones are less obvious, face length width combined with the most appropriate, the face is the most standard faces.

        cosmetic method:

Foundation: skin Foundation on, cheeks with dark makeup to make the faces show more sense of depth

eyebrows: suitable for any type of eyebrow.

nose: the nose length to modify, dominated by natural stereo.

lipstick: fit the standard lip-type.

cheeks: cheek brush blush or standard elliptic on blush.

hair: suitable for all hair styles.

Second, long face: face longer, some amount of Ministers are Chin length, face long and soft feeling, lay the uniform color of Foundation on your face, cheeks and Chin area with dark makeup, face not too long and look cute.

cosmetic method:

Foundation: on the forehead and Chin are darker Foundation.

eyebrows: eyebrow 2/3 draw straight, overhang should not be too high, don't look down, draw a little longer (similar to an eyebrow).

line: draw an ellipse.

nose: the too obvious is not suitable for the nose shadow should be natural.

lipstick: upper lip not to paint too plump, full lower lip painting.

blush: repair capacity to the ear, to brush better.

hair: unsuitable or comb too high forehead bangs.

third, round face: most cute face is this, the disadvantage is that face too round and wide, and Chin and hairline are rounded, one-dimensional, preferably on both sides of the cheeks and forehead deepen color Foundation and blush in long lines way, emphasizing the vertical line adjust, lengthen the face. Chin and forehead with white face powder, feeling so that you can make a round face slender body.

cosmetic method:

Foundation: cheeks deepen color Foundation, Chin and forehead and white base.

eyebrows: 1/2 angled brow, draw high eyebrows, eyebrows close, eyebrows slightly go up, eyebrows should not be too long, do not draw too dense.

liner: for long-liner.

nose: the nose length to draw, draw two dark on both sides of the nose, the nose painted white in the middle.

lipstick: avoid painting into a round, pale.

cheeks: cheeks brush higher, longer.

hair: comb above, do not brush too wide.

fifth, and party type face: face line more straight, square, forehead wide denomination also wide, Chin slightly too small, lack gentle sense, modified method is in large of two Gill and forehead on both sides deepened color Foundation, forehead middle and Chin added white Foundation, addition again stressed out eyebrow and lip, part of makeup color, such party type of face on will is long, performance out mild of traits.

cosmetic method:

Foundation: on both sides of the cheeks and forehead deepen color Foundation, Chin and forehead and white base.

eyebrows: standard eyebrow eyebrows or angle can be, overhang should not be too obvious.

eyeliner: suitable for drawing circular.

nose: the nose length to draw, on both sides of the nose color should not be too deep.

lipstick: upper and lower lips, draw a circle.

cheeks: cheek color brush deep, high brush or brush longer.

hairstyle: cheek hair doesn't fit too short, should be toward the front comb.

VI, inverted triangle-shaped face: face more pointed, with wide and narrow feature on, the forehead wide jaw tip, will give the feeling of sorrow. Required on each side of the cheekbones, Chin and forehead with dark shadow effect caused by Foundation, in cheeks thinner cheeks with white or light colored Foundation to modify, make the face look fuller and clearer.

cosmetic method:

Foundation: on each side of the forehead, Chin and cheek area deepen color Foundation, cheeks and white base.

eyebrows: dominated by thin brows, brow and Mei Mei are parallel. Eyebrows the same descriptive and standard.

eyes: eyes shapes to draw required significantly more.

nose: the nose length to qualify.

lipstick: lip-type picture significantly.

blush: cheekbone spot color.

hair: comb hair down in front.

seventh, triangle-shaped face: narrow down wide, narrow forehead cheeks, give the feeling of calm and generous and dignified. Can be used warm tones highlight itself calm, generous and kind. Deepens color in cheeks wide parts Foundation is rather deep, make up the face big disadvantages, in a narrow forehead and Chin and white face powder, let it highlight the full.

cosmetic method:

Foundation: cheeks deepen color Foundation, Chin and forehead and white face powder on both sides.

eyebrows: a natural eyebrow drawing technique, bold brows, brow at the end of a little higher than a frown.

line: draw an ellipse.

nose: the nose length to modify, to nature.

lipstick: trace the fullness and lips should not be drawn into a circle.

cheeks: cheeks brush high and long, oblique brush is advisable.

hairstyle: hair with natural, do not comb upwards.

the basic tools are:

1. puff: puff to the face can be fixed on the Foundation.   Looking for a large puff of your Palm almost. A good puff is worth buying, it can make you look more smooth.

2. Sponge: the sponge synthesis of relatively easy, they do not absorb too much Foundation. High density sponge works well.

3. eye shadow brush head slightly. Eyeliner brushes: small flat head is slightly rounded.

4. blush brush medium to large, plump, round brush. Brush peripheral into progressive levels, better shading color.


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