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Get married, how to select the dress and wedding dress

Almost daily are was in discussion to married has, the select what of wedding, and dress, and the select how of married site, site and the how decorative, a problem like snowball as, more roll more big, to a perfect of answers seems to is unlikely to may, after all this is a changing of times, a step step in update, only in many of select in the selected a better of and not best.

     wedding dress style must be combined with the venue and show their taste in the choice of clothing. Whether it is a wedding dress or wedding suit, fit is a prerequisite. Teaches you how to avoid weaknesses, show ego style. Let us select a wedding dress by shape    

size: lifebuoy ALVINE  

     at the waist and some designed for processing, such as high waist design. In order to hide belly weaknesses, in wedding location and v-shaped arcs split at the waist and, with the fluffy skirt. Location on flower embellishment at the waist. Tumbling feel easy to highlight the disadvantages, waist no details and cover up the tumbling-type wedding dress is easy to highlight the shortcomings of the lower abdomen, choices should be avoided.  

Figure II: upper arm excess  

     long sleeve is the most simple solution. If accompanied by wedding dress with a small jacket, can have two different styles. Sleeveless v-neck style or shawls are also available.   Close to the half-sleeve design easier to highlight the upper arm strong problem, if I had to choose a half sleeve, then please choose the material of graceful and elegant.  

Figure three: the shoulder too much  

     sleeveless v neck is a good choice, can shoulder the triangle out and simple in design and style. Or add some on the shoulder decoration, can also try long down.  -Ship wedding extends to the cuff, will cover your sexy collar, and it feels stretched shoulder width, select drop shoulder style would be much better.  

Figure four: face  

     face fresh and simple, sophisticated design makes the face more eye-catching. On a suspenders dotted floral, it tube top coat to make room for the clavicle, lateral fall shoulder design will have a small face effect. With a-shaped skirt.   Chest design with high collar and red tape will highlight the large face, so special attention should be paid on selection.  

     for location shooting, green location and sea views are not the same, according to its own preferences, generally speaking, green location changes relative to the ocean is bigger.

     wedding photo studio shooting must be at least one month in advance, choose your style. Wedding clothes must be personality differences. Best variety of styles, give you a few:

1. ancient photography retro style

2. new vision photography wedding style

3. modern style lovers

4. Royal classic European style

5. traditional Phoenix Coronet Xia wearing costume style

6. Korea the Korean style of photography.


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