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Ancient how to take wedding pictures perfect

Ancient how to take wedding pictures perfect

   put on ancient elegant dress, is one of many girls dream of, Chengdu, and wedding photography company in order to meet customer needs, continuous innovation, wear elegant clothing is no longer a dream, said so much and see how to make traditional costume wedding?

   Raiders shooting: select the appropriate costumes

what is appropriate? costume costumes are more complex, like simple MM ch, if you was a petite girl, the best choice for simple styles and fabric skimpy costume, or "you are the clothing pressure of" feeling. After the dress picked out, please don't be too assertive action, highlighting their beauty as much as possible, rather than clothing, beauty, thought we were going to shoot people, not advertisements.

filming Raiders II: dressing should be light rather than heavy, your hair style to match the overall style

General makeup stylists know costume makeup for pink rather than sexy, unless you're styling is beautiful. Hairstyle, really is very important, it is the center of shape, hair style if not, that basically without photos.

Raiders shot three shot into the role when

we are contemporary people in the ancient art, as in an opera on the stage. You can be my own performances on the stage, behind modern feeling, digging their classical beauty side.

above is how can we take good costume wedding photography art photo introduction, costume photo must not be nervous, relax and do as well.


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