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Blindly into the book before you think about five questions

Notes on wedding photography wedding, you know how much? In fact, in many cases, Studio MM took a bunch of pictures tell you can choose. But so very blind, such a situation, only delete photos. But the selection is much more than determining the number of pictures, so be more reasonably distributed.

in General, after the Studio pushed miss a photo, but said: you can choose. This may is blind, just should delete the pictures, but the selection is much more than just determine how many pictures, should pay more attention to rational allocation of wedding photos.

first, choose Zoom in photos; this is the most important, so you can pick out the most appropriate from all the pictures hanging in the bedroom, then living room hanging, followed by albums such as, drop table. Overall first pick out of PP.

Miss two or one is mixed in with all the wedding photos are so very convenient to select, so you can classify? the same background image deleted.

third, distribution pictures  ; pictures in the photo album is more and more, full screen, art and so on, plus the pictures so much, will sometimes take pictures of misattribution. So be sure to miss or you can record yourself which picture is where. And then finally again a a check it again to prevent errors.

four, template; photos from store to provide template library to pick their favorite, but it is actually very difficult, and the store does not list all the templates, so it is for artists to make, while to participate in the layout to the Miss, so you can watch full screen demo, if you don't like it or you can let them modify.

        five, Aimoto, photos, negatives.   Number of album the end of digital photography: requiring 120 film, digital post production, film, demo, CD, enlarges the picture and photo frames, home, plus pictures of concessions, ask to see samples and plate arrangement, production. This is a complex process, photos must be saved.


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