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Photo wedding eight styles of all lists

Wedding photos you want to know a number of style? In an age of growing emphasis on personality, drift is not what young people want, different styles of young people like wedding photos are not the same. See Wang in Beijing before the wedding to attend their wedding photos collected in eight different styles.


     wedding style: exterior

there are advantages and disadvantages, int fine but not to the treasure. So-called treasure is instantaneous. Things of the moment is the most beautiful, wedding photographers start out of the Studio into nature. Natural style. On location wedding style seems to be the wind, a new blitz.

     wedding style II: int

int jargon also known as shed. Interior of room number is opaque, using Flash and the set shot. During the filming, in addition to Flash other clutter light does not affect.

    wedding style: romantic

lang concubine, side by side with wine. Style full of tenderness. Brides and grooms can interact more lenses, like kissing, cuddling and holding hands, compare this style to create a warm, sweet air.   Romantic elements and details emerge everywhere. A hand,  red shot wedding photography reviews of such styles. A kiss, and later disposal of lace, romance come face to face.

    four wedding style: fashion

If brides want their wedding photos nature, rich times. You can choose this style, like the popular   "Expo photo  " and   "red  " emerged a new deck and large gas-,  "red  " expression of joy in the heart.

     five wedding style: simple

featured flavor, color outline. Raised the theme style. Look of the bride and groom and the action is raised, compare shows goodwill appearance quality.

     wedding style six: story

Wang felt similar to film close-ups of the style. Have a strong memorable, has defected. Wedding photos link up, tell a beautiful story. A story, one of our nature photos, new love story to emerge, there is bitter sweet.


    seven wedding style: retro

great flavor and texture. Chinese and foreign classic or retro style, the wedding photo has a feeling of old films. Allowing you to turn, become the protagonist of Qiong Yao's novels show Oh, interpretation of the romantic love story.

     wedding style VIII: Korean

look for radical and contemporary costumes (including Korean clothing), Korean style compare big ya,  Korea style. Bulging brides sweet and docile. Colorful colors, pink and blue combination, so add a romantic wedding story. Recently, sought after by many young people.


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