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How to find the best wedding photography service for you

When the wedding, need to find a professional wedding photography, inexperienced newcomers do, available in a great variety of wedding photography, finding a good, really, really didn't know how to find, do not be afraid, new people, in order to find a good wedding photography services for you, please read the following information.

pre filter  

     review of wedding marriage networks, books, fashion magazines, reference to relatives or friends wedding experience, conditions can also visit wedding exhibitions. Filter to three factors: a comprehensive reference: style, service, and price. Consider these three areas, generally will be able to filter out the 5-10 alternative wedding photography listing.


telephone consultation

     understanding wedding photography agency package contents and prices accordingly, and enquired about the shooting schedule, eliminated a few appropriate requirements. So you can 5-10 from the alternative institutions to pick 5 or so insights, you can make an appointment ahead of time and ask the place. If the time, may wish to look at a few.


field trips

     to wedding photography institutions turned see sample, understand its shooting style and level; view album quality, figure out different material, and layout album of price; study can for photo wearing of wedding dress of number and quality, have himself like of clothing; clear wedding photography service of sets Department content, including makeup styling of group number, and into book photos of Zhang number, and making album of specifications. Choice of location, giving the number of negatives as well as other gifts; even friends and family recommend, nor a description which is introduced in the first place, to say what you need, listen to wedding dress company presentations, combined with consumer content to friends and relatives for comparison.


     wedding tongue confirmed cooperation, signing a good wedding photography are for their protection, this step is very important, is selected and this wedding photography cooperation. Give it all for wedding photography, I prepared to shoot good photos.


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