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How to control cost of wedding

Initially high wedding costs generally didn't start, but halfway through force majeure factors, therefore resulting in spending over budget, so how to control the cost of their wedding photos are shot need to know before the wedding, look at the little piece of wedding photography experience in Beijing!

1, businesses will not take in the most intense battle during filming. Then Studio will told, you of wedding price belongs to low-grade, wedding and distribution ornaments are compared old, to increased new needed additional added money, price in 500 Yuan-1000 Yuan ranging; makeup Division will complained you and groom of skin very poor, completely cannot Shang makeup, must using set makeup water, each support 100 Yuan, two people total needed 8 support; photographer also will said you wearing bride Garland, a branch flowers 50 Yuan, and accused you of BRA not qualified, needed another buy glass is, price for 600 Yuan, can vomiting blood to you playing 50 percent.

2, for the regular starters, suitable wedding price of about 3500, including location shooting, 20 photos and 2 enlarge photo. But the bride-to-be must know perfectly well, still has room to cut the price. Because wedding photography possible also presented posters, picture frames, small gifts such as wedding invitations, bargaining can refuse these gifts, requiring businesses to reduce prices, when minimized, savvy newcomers may be the final blow--requires increasing the number of photos.

3, photos, while watching the demo, if you are very satisfied, have the potential to add pictures, new are inevitable, this is purely a personal wish, but the price must be negotiated in advance.

Finally, for these soft hard bound, best way is to hang up his face, reject. Alternatively, you can prepare in advance, such as yourself in advance with several sets of wedding dresses and accessories, photography equipment City wedding dress in two hundred or three hundred Yuan, Beijing strategy and exquisite accessories around the Zoo are no more than hundred, shooting out of the decorative effect.


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