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Secret photo shoot experience

Went to Chengdu last week took wedding photos wedding photography, that is, on February 27, 2012, also believed that the wedding should be very tired in the last day, no thought was finished, people always feel pleasant and relaxed.

   a few more couples wedding always likes to choose before, around, and believe that more money will certainly take well, or said some of the scenic beauty of the place must take.

in fact, I personally think to take good wedding dresses have to master a few basic points:

first: what you look like, you want to know, because the wedding people are subject.

second: is the wedding don't care much about the road big or small Studio, Studio, several couples have always regarded the family photo studio opened, it must be good, but it's not, because the wedding is different from other photos, mostly in the tepid season, spring time, shot that is more concentrated, so that there are some problems.

third: I personally think that what you choose Studio or a poor humble Studio is selected, this is clearly misleading. The saying goes, "clothes make the man, horse saddle" makeup level and photographer levels directly affect your results. Recommended here may wish to ask them, "If you shoot the wedding here, they will give you the kind of photographer and makeup artist, that they talk with love and understanding, and then took out their wedding pictures and photography", if you do, I think you should be the first person to do it.

this next to my personal recommendations for photographer and makeup artist:

first of all: I personally think that makeup artists must reflect the makeup of two points: "beauty" and "happiness", photographers need to take both "part of the wedding need to reflect the beauty of love, the other part must show the happiness of marriage" needs to do both. This requires the photographer and makeup artist marriage value must be "love is always beautiful, always the happiest of marriages", only they were filled with the longing for love and marriage can be beautiful and happy couples!

     second: problem, or is that sentence's "people" is the theme, of course, flowers green leaves lined, more beautiful, but I have to say is "  against excessively, your theme will be lost."

to sum up, Chengdu wedding photography is the most crucial thing is that you have picked the right photographer and makeup artist, is with you "heart", and wanted to do well, I want more. "Chollima, horses do not often". Photographers may be challenged here, photography is an art, you don't understand, I just want to tell them that, good art, is the art of life and living.


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