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Their wedding Beijing wedding taught you selected photos 6 principles!

Wedding photos are selected photos 6 principles!

     for wedding photographs selected photograph many couples, it's not good, for selecting wedding pictures is a skill to be found, if you do not want to waste their money, they quickly came to Beijing to wedding etiquette company presentations, let professionals tell you the wedding how to tab.

     wedding ceremony in Beijing company to selected wedding photo of principle 6:

1. classification eliminated, can be classified according to clothing or photos, and make the next step;

2. good again from the same category after category filter on the inside of, for example, some burst photos can choose the favorite one or several sheets of the book;

3. representative can choose a face or scene, more classic look natural atmosphere or feeling better;

4. you can also choose from different angles, so that when you book photos will have different visual experience;

5. after confirm selected language photos must not replace other photos.

6. finish collection allows designers to help look after, if we all selected photos with no other suggestions, intensive customer can put forward some views, and designers will be made in accordance with normal selected photos, if wedding need to rush production, please inform designers in advance!


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